In the end death.

Another image from my hunting series. 

As a hunter since a few years I finally brought the camera. For long I was afraid it would get between me and the experience. Perhaps it will - but the impressions are strong and in the end I wanted to try to capture some of them.


For me hunting is raw nature. A reason to be outdoors in the wet and cold autumn weather. Slowly beginning to understanding the animals. Where and when the move. What they eat. Which tracks to look for. Heart pounding excitement. Silence. Beauty. The smell of forest. Patience. Sun. Wind. Rain.  And in the end the joy of putting the best food on the table for my family and friends. 

It is a very strong experience. 

In this picture I was struck by death. It might sound silly but it almost comes as a surprise after pulling the trigger. It is a pain and such a contrast to the experience until that moment .

 I think the skin coloured body ads something more to this picture. The impression is nude. Like a human body. It makes the animal look so vulnerable though it is in its right element. 

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